You're coming to Cali, and you've got a lot on your plate. We get it. You really can't go wrong with virtually unlimited options, relative to your particular interests. That said, if you're looking to check out of the city for a bit, consider The 'Bu. Only a 15-20 minute drive up the coast to achieve an entirely different feel. When you hear the name "Malibu," it generally is synonymous with sun, fun, beauty, and a bit of glitz and glam, and to be honest, whatever comes to mind, is generally right on the money. We love it. So, if you've got a day, we're gonna give you the dawn to dusk breakdown of how to go about maximizing your day in Malibu.


Plenty of ways to blow through some money in Malibu (shopping, real estate, fine dining, hotels etc.), so how about a way to save some $$$, while scoring some a bomb breakfast burrito? Country Kitchen. The roadside retreat, Country Kitchen, has been serving up breakfast burritos and burgers since 1972. Conveniently located alongside the Pacific Coast Highway, it’s the perfect dip in, grab a tasty dish, and dip out. The staff is friendly and efficient, and you can’t go wrong with the bacon, egg, cheese, and if you’re in the mood for something a little bigger, the PCH Burger will do you right and don’t forget the fries! Perfectly crisp outside, hot and proper inside. Also a crowd pleaser….the Tater Tots. Let’s be honest, fries come a dime a dozen, but when Tater Tots are an option, you take ‘em.


Alright, so we just got our carbo load on, now it’s time to work it off, and lucky for us, Malibu is the ideal place to burn off the breakfast burrito. Beauty with a side of beast mode. Consider the Solstice Canyon Loop. 3.2 miles, moderate traffic, with the added bonus of being dog friendly (as long as you keep your furry friend on a leash). The view of the ocean from the top is well-worth setting aside the peloton screen for the morning (we promise). If you happen to make hike within reasonable rainfall recency, you’ll even be able to see the 30 ft waterfall in full force.


After seeing those ocean views from up top, how about a closer look? Let’s hop back on the PCH and head over to the Malibu Pier. Originally built in 1905, the Malibu Pier has a storied history as proper shipping/receiving dock, as well serving as a lookout stations for the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II. After undergoing extensive damage, throughtout a century in operation, including but not limited to El Niño (1993) and Hurricane Marie (2014), it is standing beautifully and boldly, and ready to receive you for a waltz above the water. In case you built up an appetite from the hike, consider grabbing a drink or enjoying the farm-to-table freshness that’s serving up at Malibu Farm. Call us biased, but Panoramic ocean/mountain views aren’t the worst way to grab a bite…


Nobody likes a basic beach, and lucky for you Surfrider beach (right of the pier) is anything but basic. Surfing is synonymous with California, and if you’re looking to catch a wave, or simply a glimpse of some seasons riders doing that, you’ve come to the right place. The long ,slow breaking right wave has attracted surfers from all over the world for many decades. Particularly popular for longboarders, Surfrider beach set the standard for the 60s SoCal surfing boom. Regardless of wanting to give surfing a try, the beach is beautiful, with plenty of space to soak up some sun, take a dip in our surf shorts, while enjoying the beautiful views and beach vibes.


As bizarre as it sounds, laying out in the sun can be very taxing, so let’s keep it quaint and casual this evening. We’re thinking cocktails, a few apps, and a solid selection of entrees to please anyone’s palate. Luckily, we know such a place, and it’s just up the road: Malibu Beach Inn. The staff and atmosphere are as good as gold. Our friend and MBI bartender, Josh, will have you dialed with the perfect beverage to help you unwind after a jam-packed day. Apart from being a mix master, consider asking him about the history of any of the particular cocktails — the guy truly has a wealth of knowledge, and is happy to give you a quick lesson to accompany your libation. The deck at Malibu Beach Inn is second to none. Listen to waves break as you take your first bite in any one of their delicious options. Watch the sun begin to set, as the lights on the pier dance on the water to set the stage for a truly memorable Malibu evening.