4 Books Any Guy Will Enjoy This Summer

It’s the last full month of summer, and you’ve either finished all the books you set aside to read or you’re just realizing that the only thing you’ve cracked open the past few months are more than a few bottles of beer.

Whether you’re looking for one last summer read or packing up for your final summer vacation and want to be able to have a decent answer when your buddy asks, “So what books have you read lately?” we have you covered. Here is a list of our top four reads that any guy will actually enjoy.


1. Roy: The 78-Year-Old Champion

Brian Mulvaney and Jay Lavender, who actually met randomly on a first tee, tell the fascinating story of Roy Vomastek, a humble 78-year-old doctor with a big heart and a lucky swing, who won the 2010 Club Championship at one of the most incredible golf courses in the world, Dr. Alister MacKenzie’s famed Crystal Downs Country Club. Once you get through the short read, you’ll never stop rooting for the underdog.

$2.99 Kindle; $9.99 Paperback


2. Men in Green

Another golf one on the list, this New York Times bestseller gives a nostalgic, passionate and yet celebratory history of golf’s greatest. Written by Sports Illustrated’s Michael Bamberger, Men in Green chronicles the stories of the big names – Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and more – as well as some legendary figures who are only known to insiders. The book gives an intimate look into the timeline of the ageless sport, one that should be cherished.

$11.99 Kindle; $13.62 Hardcover; $12.80 Paperback


3. The Better Man Project

Written by Men’s Health editor-in-chief, Bill Phillips, The Better Man Project, is the ultimate handbook for any guy looking to live a better life. The 352-page manual is filled with thousands of useful and, most importantly, actionable tips that will help any man improve every aspect of his life. From diet to relationships and career, this guide will make you feel stronger and healthier, in mind and body, and while it may not be scientifically tested, girls will definitely like you better.

$12.49 Kindle; $16.45 Hardcover


4. Modern Romance

Comedian Aziz Ansari’s hilarious exploration of modern day relationships will be enjoyed, heck loved, by any guy with a pulse. Whether you’re reading this review in between swiping left and right or you’re so madly in love it makes your buddies nauseous, Modern Romance will make you laugh out loud at the very realistic, yet somewhat sad, state of current romance.

$12.99 Kindle; $13.27 Hardcover; $10.20 Paperback