Ben Higgins: Friend of johnnie-O!

Meet Ben Higgins: TV Star, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Friend of johnnie-O. After graduating from Indiana University, Ben was a fan-favorite contestant on the 11th season of ABC's The Bachelorette. Ben was so popular, in fact, he was selected to be THE Bachelor in the 20th installment of one of TV's most popular shows! Ben traveled the world over, winning hearts and accumulating fans the world over. And while Ben boasts over 1.3 million followers on instagram, you couldn't meet a more humble guy. Incredibly kind, responsive, and grateful, we are happy at johnnie-O to call him one of our friends.

Since his rise to fame, Ben has traveled the world over, truly 'sucking the marrow' out of life, while working hard and finding ways in which to give back. Along with his friends, Ben went on to start a specialty coffee brand (Generous Coffee) where 100% of profits are donated to making change — 'creating jobs for parents, feeding children, helping to improve education, and helping to create a world we all want to live in.' Ben is also the host of the popular 'Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast,' which co-stars another famous Bachelor contestant, Ashley I.

Getting to know Ben has been a lot of fun. Down-to-earth, ready for a round of golf, down for a game, or sippin' a cocktail, Ben is most definitely 'one of the boys.' We caught up with Ben and he was kind enough to respond to our questionnaire, giving you a better view into his world, favorite shows, hobbies, his recent engagement (sorry ladies) and much more. Check it out! 


Continue following Ben on his journey, checking out his Generous Coffee company, Podcast, and Instagram via the links below 

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