Button-Downs on the Golf Course?!


Ok, we know what you’re all thinking, “What are those brilliant folks at johnnie-O up to this time?” First the patented Tweener Button that solves mankind’s second button dilemma, then the fleece-lined shorts known as the Tailgaters, and now they’re trying to get us to wear button-downs on the golf course? What’s next, rocking a blazer with board shorts? (More on that later).


It’s no secret that johnnie-O strives to develop products that add an innovative practicality you wouldn’t typically find in your standard lifestyle brands. I think that is an aspect of the company that resonates well with our fans. We’re constantly thinking of creative ways to improve upon products beyond just the aesthetics. We like to add a little topspin and versatility to our products, so that you can wear them in multiple facets of your life.


While we clearly aren’t the first company to offer a short-sleeve woven, we are among the few to advocate trying it out on the golf course. I’m sure most of you golf fans are familiar with legendary amateur golfer, Bobby Jones, who always kept it classy on the course. He would almost always be wearing a button-down and a tie. This unique fashion choice apparently worked out well for his game, considering he’s won 13 majors, four of which were in a single calendar year. Needless to say, he clearly was doing something right with his attire choices.


This is why we came out with one of my favorite pieces in the Spring collection. We have finally introduced a short sleeve, popover, woven shirt in a PREP-FORMANCE moisture-wicking fabric. This proprietary fabric is wrinkle-resistant, will keep sweat stains at bay and, best of all, feels pretty damn good if we do say so ourselves. We are officially leading the charge in bringing the short sleeve woven back to the golf course.