Can't beat the classics

Classic never goes out of style — and at johnnie-O, we're fully dedicated to honoring our heritage, but with an eye on innovation, as it pertains to the cuts and technology redefining fabrics. We're here to deliver on style and comfort, whether in the conference room, cruising the coast, or hittin' the course. 

Season to season, when our founder (John O'Donnell) considers each collection, innovation is the name of the game, but with a respect for the past, and the idea that sometimes, you gotta looks to the legends. One such legend...John's Dad. Thumbing through some old photos, John came across a photo of Mom and Dad at a picnic table, and let's be honest, nothing says summer quite like Nautical Stripes, and it was instantaneous, "That's it. That's going in the summer line." 

Enter the Finn Crewneck T-Shirt — an homage John's old man.



The Finn Crewneck is our way of coupling "Old-School" cool with our advanced, slub-cotton blend fabric, which we can tell you right now, will be one of the most comfortable tees you'll wear. The vintage feel will have you reaching for this one time and time again. You know you've got a winner when it's the shirt you want to take from the streets to the sheets — the confirmation is in the comfort. 

Worth noting, when it comes to inspiring collections, John's Dad is no spring chicken. Our Game Changer line was based off the same effortless, and casual cool with which he lived his life. Truly a tastemaker, and we're pleased to see the apple didn't fall far from the tree. 


Made for makin' memories. What's good for the dad is good for the lad, and the Finn Crewneck (available in sizes for junior) is the perfect piece for your next father/Son matching moment. And if nautical stripes have showed us anything, it's that they're not going out of style (see John's Dad). You can look at a photo of striped tee 5, 10, 50 years down the road, and it's that piece that, while worn decades earlier, could be transported to the present and be just as appropriate.