The Cross Country Pant

Cat Stevens wasn't kidding when he said, "Ooh baby, it's a wild world!" Conference rooms are now kitchen tables, board meetings are taking place in  bedrooms, and sofas are the new office stations (for now, at least). And when comfort is key, we're proud to offer you a pant that's as comfortable as your favorite PJs (but much more polished!) — the johnnie-O Cross Country Prep-Formance Pant. 

While in quarantine, it's safe to say we're not trekking across the country for board meetings, or family vacations, but instead crossing the living room to the kitchen to snag leftover Easter candy in preparation for our next Zoom meeting. Regardless of distance, however, the man on the go is looking to get from point A to point B and you deserve to do so comfortably without compromising your style! For that, the Cross Country Pant has you covered!

Near or far, our ripple-free (with a touch of stretch) pant goes where you go, without the constant need for readjustments. Dressed up or dressed down, we've designed this pant to meet the needs of your versatile lifestyle! Hittin' the links or hangin' at home, the Cross Country Pant has you covered!

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