Cypress Ridge

Welcome to Cypress Ridge! Situated in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California, Cypress Ridge is a players’ paradise. Equal parts charming and challenging, the Peter Jacobsen Signature Course is not one to be ignored. Attention to detail is evident at every turn, playing beautifully off the natural landscape, with its lush cypress trees, and the added satisfaction of a gentle ocean breeze. When considering potential locations for our Spring catalog, Cypress Ridge was a no-brainer. 

“I met the owner, Charlie, about a year ago. He invited me up to play Cypress Ridge, and I really enjoyed it. Recently we did a photo shoot at the course and the landscape was absolutely beautiful.   Charlie has put a lot of hard work into the course over the past year, and has brought a certain “fun factor” to the place that really adds to the experience. I can’t say enough about how Charlie’s enthusiasm has rubbed off on the community and elevated the golf course to one that I look forward to playing again and again. If you’ve never played the course, do yourself and favor and get up there. It is a really great layout and a fantastic experience in beautiful Arroyo Grande.”

-John O’Donnell (Founder, johnnie-O)

New year, new gear, and we couldn't be happier to introduce you to our spring '21 collection. Apart from dialing the look, with our array of prints, solids, and stripes, rest assured that we're thinking much bigger than a beauty contest — and the proof is in the johnnie-O Prep-Formance

Our fabrics are breathable, moisture wicking, anti bacterial, and provide UPF 50 sun protection — keepin’ the sun at bay while you play. Our Prep-Formance gear comes quipped with a 4-way stretch material, allowing for complete movement & zero restriction. You'll have put in the time, but we're here to provide you with tools to go about that with greater mobility, comfort, and of course, style. We can't guarantee you'll win every match, but best-dressed is a fine consolation, wouldn't you agree? 

Stay safe out there, and we'll see you at the 19th hole — which reminds me us of a quote from Dean Martin, “If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.”