Father's Day: Designers Picks for Dad

"I'll call you later.

"Don't call me later, call me Dad!"

-Gratuitous Dad Joke


Father's Day already? But don't stress, when looking for the ultimate guide for all those debonair dads out there, we've got you covered! Not only do we have the gear to make dads of all ages smile with delight, we've reached out to our designers, Chris Knott (head of Design) and Marcus Cecconi (VP of Design) to get you the the top picks for all the top dads! Everything from summer knits, polos while you're making par, surf shorts, and flip flops for the beach and the bar. Summer's here, so let's deck out dad this father's day....the johnnie-O way!

Get to know our designers!

How did you get started in clothing design?

CK: I started working in a retail mens store at age 14. The owner would take me to NY on buying trips when I was 16. I got to see how the showrooms worked. I moved to NY to work in a Menswear showroom right out of college. I was selling and merchandising tailored clothing in NY. That was was first intro to design.

MC: My resume was passed over to this guy Chris Knott 15 years ago. My background is Textile and Graphic Design and Chris was looking for someone to design his shirt patterns and translate all of it overseas and it all grew from there.

How would you describe the 'johnnie-O' style?

CK:  Easy, comfortable, fun, “not too precious”

MC: Casual, Cool, Comfortable.  Makes guys my age feel young and the younger guys feel cool.

What distinguishes johnnie-O from other mens’ brands out there?

CK: Our Mark is outstanding.  It captures the brand. It nice to have such a great logo. By having this logo, you can design to that lifestyle of ease comfort and fun. 

MC: We are unique in that we are accessible, not over the average guys head but we can point that guy in the right direction when it comes to his wardrobe.  We dont chase other brands; we just want to deliver great product that the end consumer reaches for first when he goes into his closet. 

What was your inspiration behind the spring/summer collection?   

CK: We continue to work on better fabrics that aren’t too dressy. We went after wearable color. Knockdown washes are more and more important also. 

MC: My answer to this question is more pragmatic than sexy unfortunately - “What works with the rest of the line and will sell”. While we can push our look with a few new models we try to keep our commodities as well merchandised and fresh as possible.  

What are your johnnie-O summer essentials?

CK: Dale T shirts, Originals Knit, Dawn to Dusk shorts, our flip flops are super comfortable and wearable for an entire day

MC: Neal Shorts, Dockside Flip Flops and any Hangin’ Out Polo

When you’re not designing clothes, what are your hobbies?

CK: I play golf, inshore fish and boating. I also enjoy house projects

MC: My little girls, Mimi & Maeve. I have also been working on my pilots license which I’ve always wanted to do.

What’s next for johnnie-O?

CK: We need to continue to take more share of closet. We are launching Printed Knit sportcoats this fall. Footwear is going to be a big part of this brand also

MC: I honestly think the skys the limit.  We are having a blast with JO, loving what we do everyday. Wonderful group of friends whole love to come to work. It’s a ride you don't want to end.  

Any fun Father's Day Traditions?

CK: We always try to be in Wrightsville Beach, NC. That is our get away. We like to take the boat about 45 mins south to a 1950’s donut shop call Britt’s. They make one kind of donut and there is a line out the door every morning. Eat them hot on the boat ride back home.

MC: I get to sleep in!

You both have daughters, do they wear johnnie-O?

CK: My daughter and her friends love JO. They live in the Ellers and Dales

MC: A little bit; we are in our princess phase so JO isn’t at the top of their list.

What’s the best part about being a dad?

CK: Watching you children grow up and get less dependent on their parents

MC: To watch them grow and their personalities form. They both make me laugh everyday.

What fun things have you been doing in Quarantine with your kids? Games? Movies? Activities

CK: I would say Netflix has become the family affair. We enjoyed a series call Outerbanks. It turned out that several of the cast was wearing JO by happen stance

MC: Spending as much time outside as we can, riding bikes and any new game we can come up with.

East coast or West Coast?

CK: I love the West Coast It feels like another country to meI live on the east coast

MC: East Coast

Beach or Lake?

CK: Beach

MC: Beach

Tacos or Burgers?

CK: Tacos

MC: Tacos

Kenny G or Kenny Chesney?

CK: Kenny Chesney

MC: No Shoes Nation

Football or Baseball?

CK: Football

MC: Football

Coke or Pepsi?

CK: Pepsi

MC: Coke

Beatles or Rolling Stones

CK: Stones

MC: Stones

Sweater or Hoodie?

CK: Hoodie

MC: Hoodie

Ice Cream or Cake?

CK: Ice Cream

MC: Cake

Facebook or Instagram?

CK: Insta

MC: Instagram

Favorite Song

CK: Lovely Day by Billy Withers

MC: Foo Fighters: Everlong

Favorite Movie

CK: James Bond Series- Love them all

MC: Goldfinger