The Game Changer Polo

Meet the Game Changer AKA your new Go-To Polo. The beauty of this polo? It ain't a one-trick pony. The Game Changer looks as good chalkin' up birdies as it does bellied up to the bar. Tucked in or out, dressed up or down, paired with board shorts or a blazer, the Game Changer Polo is as good-looking as it is limitless. You choose the pursuit and let the Game Changer polish your presence. 

At johnnie-O, we embrace innovation, but that doesn't mean we don't look to the past with a nostalgic reverence. The Game Changer polo, where class meets performance, pays homage to John's Dad, who inspired this latest piece in our collection. It is that very idea of coupling "old-school" cool with innovative design, which allows us to present a piece that is equal parts nostalgic and functional (and it doesn't hurt that it looks good, too). 

Our Game Changer Polo is made of our proprietary woven fabric. Not only does the Game Changer look awesome, but the added stretch allows you to get that big swing in without becoming untucked. Handsome + enhanced performance? Game over! The only question...are you ready to change your game? 

Game Changer Polo >>>>