How to navigate the best secret hikes of Los Angeles!

Are you sick of looking for parking just to see the Hollywood sign? Are you tired of dodging “Star” Tours vans that can only show you the front gate of a home that Warren Beatty maybe lived at 30 years ago?

Places like RUNYON CANYON and the like have become the unanimous suggestion of novice Angelino hikers trying to escape the air-conditioned safety of their Prius. Luckily for you and without too much effort lay two much less crowded and more personal hikes that will impress even the staunchest naysayer!

A mere one mile from the Runyon Canyon entrance is Fryman Canyon, which descends on a single-track through creeks into a naturally occurring eucalyptus rainforest.  There are even some abandoned cars that appear to have fallen off of Mullholland along the way. These are always great for making up stories about drunk driving celebrities for your friends to be impressed by. There is even a rope swing trapeze like installation near the end of the trail, where every one naturally tries their best Cirque du Soleil impression.

How about a secret hike with some history thrown in to impress your friends, family or a date? On the sleepy back streets of Brentwood in west Los Angeles lays the infamous Murphy Ranch trail. Which was the home of Beach Boys Drummer/ Manson Family member Dennis Wilson. And, as if it that could not be topped the trail goes past a secret Nazi base that was basically straight out of the movie “The Rocketeer

If these two suggestions prove to be too labor intensive there is always Runyon Canyon which some say, “is so busy, no body goes there anymore…” You can also park at the top so as to avoid the exhausting hike… uphill. Happy Trails!