Helping Mankind One Tweener at a Time

For a very long time there was no answer to the age-old question – one button or two? That was until John O’Donnell came along and saved the world from a major wardrobe crisis by creating our fan favorite, Tweener Button®.


Regardless of whether we like to admit it or not, men have always been interested in how they dress… mainly, in an effort to look and feel attractive. A large part of this mental process is the dilemma around how much skin to show in a buttoned shirt. Too buttoned-up feels stuffy, while too unbuttoned feels over-exposed. But what’s even more important than how it makes us feel, is that it’s actually been proven (in a real national survey) that women also have strong opinions (no surprise there) about what our team at johnnie-O calls, “the right amount amount of wolf.”


So what IS the optimal amount of wolf to show when wearing a traditional button-down shirt? It’s the perfect combination of looking classy, yet casual, and there’s no other way to accomplish that than with the Tweener Button®. In the national survey women ranging in ages between 18 and 55 were asked to rate the attractiveness of men wearing button-down shirts. The women consistently rated men using the Tweener Button more “attractive” as well as “sexy and cool” compared to men in the same button-down without the Tweener Button® activated.


There’s not much more to it than that. We know we’ve solved a major issue, and for that, you are very welcome. But be warned, once you activate your Tweener Button®, you’ll never want to go back.

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