HEY JOHN! It's THANKSGIVING already, again!

We got to ask John three quick seasonal questions during this crazy busy holiday time around the office and here is what he had to say:

 What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

 John: “One of my favorite holiday traditions is playing the annual Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving Day.  It’s always fun to line up against brothers, brother-in-laws, cousins, and nephews for a little smash mouth football.  Inevitably somebody pulls a hamstring or twists an ankle, and there’s always at least one good cheap shot every year.  But when it’s time to sit down for Tom Turkey later that night, we know we’re all on the same team. “

 What do you love about your line of work during the holidays?   

John: “It’s the busiest time of year for johnnie-O, so naturally, I love it!”

Which seasonal foods do you most look forward to?  

 John: “Nothing beats Thanksgiving dinner.   And nothing beats my mom’s (or sister’s, or brother’s) Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s got that certain taste that you are accustomed to.  Because let’s face it, not everybody’s stuffing is the same.  Some people serve lumpy mashed potatoes.  And others serve random dishes like brussel sprouts.  While it’s always nice to have Thanksgiving dinner at somebody else’s house, let’s face it, there’s no place like home!”

 Getting the band back together for the season!