Holiday Hit List

Hard to believe Christmas has already crept up. So many thoughts, feelings, and hopefully minimal amounts of stress as we ride out the week before Santa fires up his sleigh. 

Christmas music is magic but let's be honest, not all holiday tunes are hits. Surprisingly, some of the greatest musicians of all time managed to release some of the absolute worst music — eliciting not glee, but gloom in our souls (looking at you Lennon/McCartney). There is just nothing even remotely rewarding about 'This is Christmas.' We said what we said. Essentially the personification of Buzz Killington. The holidays can/should be happy! Reality isn't always cheerful, but we proceed with a degree of hopefulness, and make the most of the inevitable holiday mayhem! Good times are ahead, and as such, we're providing you with the good tunes, thoughtfully curated to sustain the magic, avoiding any of the miserable (again, John Lennon Holiday hackery). 

Objectively Bad Songs:

  • This is Christmas // John Lennon
  • The Chipmunk Christmas Song (nostalgic, but no thanks)
  • Christmas Shoes // Sentiment is there, but better as a poem than a ballad
  • Santa Claus is coming to Town // Bruce Springsteen (again, not all masters bring the holiday magic)
  • Cheap Trick // I Want You for Christmas (If you think, "that title sounds oddly familiar to their hit track 'I Want you to Want Me,' you would be correct because that is exactly what it is, just swapping lyrics to capitalize on Christmas)


What did Buddy the Elf Say? "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." We don't all have the musical chops of Chuck Berry, so any attempts at cappella should be considered with adequate discretion, BUT provided a booming backing track on the Johnnie Boom, you can certainly belt out with the comfort of a musical mask, so that in your head you can assume your inner Freddy Mercury! This bluetooth baby packs a punch, on top of 12 hours of play! Sharing is caring, so ditch the headphones and spread the music love!