Did someone say PAR-TEE TIME? Well, the course is ripe and ready for the chippin'. And with the craziness of Covid and all that that entails (social distancing)...if you weren't a golfer before, it's perhaps the perfect time to take a crack at the greatest game on earth! Because unlike other sports, golf is essentially a contact-less sport...for people that is...and perhaps for you and the ball if its your first round, but hang in there! A wise man once said:

“Golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle."

Ain't it the truth! But you don't have to be great to have a great time. But speaking of great, Bobby Jones is quotes saying the following:

“Golf is assuredly a mystifying game. It would seem that if a person has hit a golf ball correctly a thousand times, he should be able to duplicate the performance at will. But such is certainly not the case.”

But what do we do? We keep coming back to the course! Because again, you do not have to be great to have a great time! Sport, business, camaraderie, there are endless reasons to rally the crew and head out for 18, and while our clothing can't perfect your mechanics, johnnie-O Prep-Formance gear serves purposes two-fold: to make you look good, and to make you feel good. And we're not just talking about the fuzzy feeling from our supremely soft polos (they are that soft), we're talking about actual technology woven right into each design, providing optimal mobility while wicking moisture. Bottom line, the winner of the day might not be you, but best-dressed ain't a bad consolation! And now it's time to gear up and get your game on with the johnnie-O Golf Guide!


Pick a polo, any polo! Our Prep-Formance Polos are top-notch, infused with a 4-way stretch material, allowing for complete movement & zero restriction. After spending years resourcing our material from the top mill in Taiwan, rest-assured that our Performance Polos come equipped with the highest quality tech Polyester/Spandex available (anywhere)!

Additionally, our polos are breathable, moisture wicking, anti bacterial, and provide UPF 50 sun protection — keepin’ the sun at bay while you play.  And did we mention supremely soft? — like a wearable hug, and because we are using the highest quality tech polyester on the planet - these polos don’t pic or snag. The complete performance polos have arrived!

Flex Prep-Formance 1/4 Zip Pullover

Look fresh in our Flex! Our lightest weight Performance Pullover (and quite possibly, the lightest in the marketplace) is a perfect year-round piece, offering unmatched comfort and complete mobility. The Flex is breathable, anti-bacterial, wicks moisture from the body, and comes equipped with UPF 50 sun protection. So, tell your wardrobe to make way, because you’re going to want one in every color (just sayin’).

Cross Country Prep-Formance Pant

Ripple-free, cut-to-perfection, with a touch of stretch — when you’re looking to to go comfortably from coast-to-coast (or couch to kitchen), our Cross Country pant in the perfect choice!

Our premier performance pant utilizes the johnnie-O “6 Pocket” model - with bonus zip stash pocket. The 4-way stretch material allows you to move freely without having to make constant adjustments.  Performance pants were poppin’ up all over the place, so we went out and sourced a lighter, softer warp knit than our competition and well, the proof is in our Prep-Formance! The Cross-Country pant: Keepin’ it classy without sacrificing the comfy.

Crest 2-Way Zip Vest
Live your VEST life! Not sure about the day’s forecast? Grab our wind and water resistant Crest Vest to keep you dry without your golf game going down the drain.
The zip chest pocket offers the perfect stow space for scorecards, gloves or your phone — fashion and function, topped off with a 2-way zipper. Why 2-ways? For starters, it’s sartorially sensible, but more importantly, it allows you to reduce any restriction, providing optimal mobility so you can focus on making birdies (or par)! The vest to help you play your best. Done.

Mulligan Prep-Formance Shorts

Oops, we nailed it again. For the days you just don't feel like having swamp a$$ on the golf course, make sure you’re rockin’ our Mulligan shorts.

Our soft premier performance shorts are moisture-wickin’ and won’t be stickin’ (you’re welcome). Wrinkle resistant, with a 4-way stretch, our mulligans offer optimal movement to take you comfortably from shootin’ birdies to the backyard BBQ. Boasting a rubberized “Keeper” waistband, your shirts will remain tucked and tame so you can focus on your game. Time to get SHORTY!