Those sweet summer sounds. It is officially summer, but you can’t exactly beat around the bush in avoiding the current state of bizarre that is our world right now. Where masks were generally a time-honored Halloween routine, they are now a part of the weekly wardrobe. For many, beach days have become backyard days, takeout is the new dine out. Handshakes and hugs? No way, no how! For now….at least. Hope is what we have. Life continues. We live, we learn, we laugh, and we will rebound. And while some family vacations have been foiled (or reimagined), the summer sun is here, and if you’re not physically in your desired destination, then join us in a journey to the summer suns of yester-year. 

Memories are magic. Take scent, for example, have you ever walked past someone whose perfume transports you to a former flame? Or when a neighbor fires up the charcoal grill, have you ever been flooded with the happy memories of 4th of July festivities? Music is a similar machine. Road trips, a first date, a family vacation — sounds become synonymous; eliciting laughter, happiness, and even sorrow. Potent and powerful.

Times are tough, but the good days are not gone, and the memories are certainly not removed. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a playlist in hopes of sending you some positive vibes through the good vibrations that compose our Summer Sounds 2020 list. Oldies, but undoubtedly goodies in this eclectic musical migration of 60s, 70s, and 80s. We hope you reminisce and recall your finest summer memories with these classics. Enjoy!