You know how it feels when you give that perfect gift, the one that you absolutely nailed and totally “speaks to” the recipient?? Well here is your chance to do more of that! The holidays are for showing the most important people in your life that you actually really thought about them. And let’s face it, the ubiquitous red sweater is getting a little played out. So if you blew it already once this year here is your chance for a quick rebound! Also, since it's seasonal sale time some of these gems might even be discounted, what luck! 

To help you nail it, I’ve compiled my list of Top 10 johnnie-O gifts along with the target recipients.


  1. For your coworker, the guy who always asks what brand that surfer logo is: Get him in the game with The Original 4-Button Polo. This old faithful is always a sure thing.


  1. For your buddy, who always borrows your stuff and pretends not to know what a dry cleaner is: The Logan 1/4 Zip Sweater is machine washable for a definite win-win situation.


  1. For your nephew who, under no circumstances, wants to tuck in his shirt: We invite him to “Duck The Tuck”. Get him one (or five, for that matter) of our new Hangin’ Out Shirts. Perfect length meets perfect cut. Because it really is all about the hang.


  1. For your sister’s new boyfriend, who you didn’t even know was coming for Christmas: Our Indigo Collection of casual shirts will suit pretty much anyone. Hint: We love the Breckenridge and Durango Shirts.


  1. For your brother-in-law who, can’t seem to keep his drink in his glass and food in his mouth: Our Touring Blazer is water-repellant and travels like a champ. He’ll thank you. So will your sister.


  1. For your daughter, who always asks why johnnie-O doesn’t make girls stuff: The Riley Pullover is the perfect gift to get her in the game too. 


  1. For your brother, who brags about only needing a “pea shooter” suitcase for Christmas (even though he puts his shoes and dopp kit in his wife’s bag):  The Doubledown Vest is ultralight and can be wrapped up in its very own travel bag, The Weekender.


  1. For your dad, who taught you how to look sharp (on occasion): Pay him back with one of our new and improved spread collar shirts. With new collars, cuffs and fabric, he’ll be proud you took it up a notch. I love the Canton and the Dover for a classic look.


  1. For your son, who is your everything:  Whatever he wants!! Just kidding. A truck or two will usually do, but our super soft graphic tees are just flat out cool.


  1. For yourself, because you deserve the best! Gift yourself the Sawyer Pant in every color. These are hands down the best pants we’ve ever made and are good for pretty much every occasion.


Happy Holidays to all!!!


-John O’Donnell - Founder