Keep Calm and Palm Springs on!

Keep Calm and Palm Springs on!  Our new early Fall catalogs dropped last week, and we’re SUPER stoked with the new line, and imagery. Beauty awaits behind every corner in beautiful, sunny California, so why wouldn’t we ditch the beach (briefly) for a change of scene in the desert? 

Palm Springs has a vibrant and storied-history. Considering its natural beauty, architectural brilliance, consistently warm weather, and and covetable golf courses, it’s no wonder Palm Springs has consistently attracted the attention of vacationers and A-Listers alike. Speaking of A-Listers, the Rat Pack were regulars, along with Liberace, Bob Hope and a myriad of others. In the early days of film, actors and actresses were actually required to live within 2 hours of the studios, and wouldn’t you know it, Palm Springs was just in bounds.

Believe it or not, the Greater Palm Springs Area is home to 100 golf courses! Couple that collection with sunshine seen 300+ days a year, it’s no wonder it’s known as the Golf Capital of the World. Apart from the courses, Palm Springs is also the city of swimming pools — with over 50,000, earning itself the record for most pools per capita (necessary on those all-too-common temps soaring comfortably over 100 degrees). So, if you do decide to head to the desert (and you should), there are plenty of options to keep you busy, and we've got a few suggestions of our own, as well as some clothing options to keep you comfortable for all your activities. 


If you’re looking for a day away from the greens, consider the dashing doors, popularized by instagram — so much in fact, many of the homes are now off limits for the creatively labeled “doortraits.” Of course, you can still walk, drive by, but beware the property lines. Why the allure? Well, check the photos. Ranging in virtually every color from blues and greens to pinks and neons, these colorfully-curated doors offer sensational pops and juxtaposition to the desert’s neutral flavors.

What to wear:

We recommend our Sawyer pants for casual cool that mimics the Palm Springs lifestyle. Our Venice polo is made of super soft, paper-thin cotton to keep you both looking and feeling cool. Consider our Sail Away Sneakers to give you that pop of color, reminiscent of the color popping doors of Palm Springs. Comfortable, versatile, and ready for whatever your weekend away holds in store. 


Palm Springs is also the perfect place for a DATE! A Date Shake that is, from Hadley Fruit Orchard. Operating since the 60s, this place is a staple and often a fond memory of those who’ve trekked to the desert since childhood. Fun Fact: The Coachella Valley supplies roughly 95% of the country’s dates!

What to wear:

Our Mox Loafer! Casual, comfortable, and classy. Your feet have demands, and we're here to meet them. Have you seen our new Elijah PoloThis Johnny Collar polo is the perfect blend of relaxed West Coast and East Coast classic.


Consider Joshua Tree National Forest. Named for its peculiar trees, which we’re told are actually a type of Yucca, it’s a fun place to roam, boasting rad rock formations, Joshua Trees (obviously), and some of the best star gazing you’ll ever see.

What to wear:

Our Range Runners are a no-brainer. Taking you from the boardroom to the back nine, and onto the 19th hole (or a Joshua Tree forest). Maximum comfort, flexibility, and impact absorption, this shoe's for you. Pair them with our Prep-Formance Cross Country Pants. Soft, yet durable, if you've gota plan, our Range Runners are the vehicle. You'll love our Rhodes Tees. Whether hangin' our or workin' out, our Rhodes Tee comes with the technology to moisture wick, keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the day.