Meet Beckett!

We were happy to catch up with our friend and 4-year-old skate phenom, Beckett! Believe us when we say: this kid shreds! The Venice Bowl is a far cry from the 'kiddie pool' and what would intimidate your average adult, appears to be a walk in the park for our little pal. We invite you get a glimpse as our buddy rips the Venice Bowls in his favorite gear from our Spring line, even offering up his some tasty tips for those looking to break into the skateboard game.

The beauty, however, of the the Venice Bowl is that you don't need to skate to appreciate. Truly a pit stop worth making for any passerby as it never disappoints! Popping in at any moment, can put you front and center to the world's top talent on any given day, and while the park itself is roughly only a decade old, Venice or "Dog Town" is actually the birthplace to Americas skate culture. It was the early 1970s, when a group of kids known as the Zephyr Team would redefine the sport. Looking for an outlet on waveless days, the Z-Boys took to the streets with their skateboards, for a chance to carve up some concrete.

The skateboard itself was invented in 1959, but the sport stagnated in many ways. Early 70s competitions were rigid, up-right, almost gymnastic like, until a young group of surfers took to their boards, infusing a laidback approach, mirroring their movements in the water, and ultimately blowing a hole into convention. As fate would have it, a drought would hit California, and with the backyard pools bone dry, it was only a matter of time before the Z-Boys would look down, and instead of spying a water-free pool, see a concrete wave that would transform the sport forever.

Fast forward to 2021, where millions the world over continue to redefine what is a possible when a wooden plank is attached to four wheels; and all because a group of kids in this very spot looked at their skateboards all those years ago and thought, "what else can you do?"    Send it like Beckett! Our Spring lineup is sure to keep your kids dialed for any activities they find themselves doing. From the school day to the skate park, we've got looks that jr. will love because beyond looking cool, they're bringing some serious so cal vibes with the casual comfort that....let's be deserve (and demand)!