Halloween is here (just about), and let’s be honest, you’re over the pumpkin patches. I mean, we love pumpkins, too, but regardless of where you go, it’s pretty much ‘same pumpkins, different patch.’ Time for a change of pace. Let’s bring the horror back to Halloween! We present to you: Nightmare on 16th Street. But don’t worry, your kids will love it, and the best part ? It’s free! 

If you’re in LA, grab your friends, family, kids and head to 16th Street in Santa Monica (below Carlyle)! Fancy Christmas homes are a dime-a-dozen, but how often does the neighborhood collectively rally around witches, the dead, dragons, creepy clowns…oh, and Kim Jong Un (we’re not kidding)? And the real beauty? 16th Street isn’t a one-home-wonder. No siree! You remember Clark Griswold’s home in Christmas Vacation? So, imagine the Halloween equivalent, only the block has not one, but MANY Clark Griswolds, all of whom are dedicated to frightful family fun! 

Give yourself some time. There’s A LOT to see! We’re not talking an hour or anything, but a good 30 minutes. Treat it like a museum. Stroll the streets, and comb over every inch to really explore, and furthermore, appreciate the intricacies of gratuitous Halloween horror. 

Oh, and if you’re not a fan of crowds, consider going BEFORE Halloween night…which leaves you, well, tonight. Again, there’s a lot to see. Inevitably, you’ll want some photos and this way, you won’t feel rushed when trying to capture that perfectly instagrammable shot! That said, if you don’t mind crowds, there IS a haunted house on Halloween night alone. Which house, you ask? The one with the boat, commandeered by skeletal pirates and a smoke breathing dragon. We can assure you, you won’t miss it.

So mix it up this Halloween. Ditch the pumpkin patch, save your cash on that haunted house, and instead head to 16th street.