Straight from the Source – John O’Donnell Shares the History of johnnie-O’s Life Changing Tweener Button

No matter how long it’s been since I invented the Tweener Button, I still get the chills every time I activate mine. For those of you familiar with the johnnie-O Tweener Button, this may be old news, but for those of you not familiar with the single biggest game changer in men’s button up shirts – it’s time to listen up.


One thing we are all familiar with is what I like to call “the second button dilemma”. You know, when you wear a button up shirt, do you button or not button the second button from the top??? This has been plaguing mankind since the button up shirt was invented… who knows when. So back around 2009, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and figure out a way to never have to grapple with this “dilemma” again. After fiddling around with my own shirt and coming up with the strategy, I contacted our head of production and said, “Please put a hidden button and hidden placket, which bisects the second and third button on this shirt.” A few weeks later, presto! The Tweener Button was born. Since then, I am happy to report that our “patented” creation has been compared to other inventions like the light bulb, the Gutenberg press, and the internet (thanks, Al).


No more having to stand in front of the bathroom mirror before a big date and decide which persona you are going to be for the evening – the nerd from the Lambda Lambda Lambda house or the grease monkey from your local race track. Now you can actually be YOU! The Tweener Button affords all of us guys the opportunity to unbutton that second button with confidence, whether you have a mountain of chest hair or not.


Thank God johnnie-O makes a great selection of button up shirts, because I literally cannot wear another brand that doesn’t have a Tweener Button. I feel rather incomplete if my Tweener is not activated.


So, get on board, and let us know how the johnnie-O Tweener Button has been a game changer for you!