In honor of our boys in blue back in the WORLD SERIES this year, we thought we would do a little run down on how to properly enjoy a Dodger game… the local way!

First off…Welcome to L.A.! Naturally you’ll want to catch a game at Dodger Stadium, the third-oldest stadium in the majors, host to eight World Series, site of a pitching legacy that spans from Koufax to Valenzuela to Kershaw, home of the Dodger Dog.

And this being L.A., you’ll have to get there in a car. You might take the 10E to the 110N, or the 10W to the 101N to the 110N, or the 5 to the 110S. (Like a good outfielder, we take our routes very seriously.) And yes, there is a public transportation option.

Where to pre-game. If you have time for one meal before the game, try downtown mainstay Philippe’s for a tasty French dip in an unpretentious environment. On the other side of the 110 you’ll find hearty Mexican food at Alegria on Sunset — be sure to request their homemade hot sauce. If you don’t feel like shelling out at least $10 per beer at the game, hit The Short Stop, the closest thing to an official Dodger bar we have.

Where to park. General parking is $10 at Dodger Stadium. Sound expensive? It was $15 before Magic Johnson bought the joint. Thanks, Magic! Preferred parking, at $30, will decrease your walk from the parking lot but won’t help you avoid the inevitable post-game congestion. On the other hand, enterprising souls with sturdy walking shoes and time to spare can score free parking on the streets surrounding Dodger Stadium. Park near the police academy for extra peace of mind.

What to eat. There is a near religious experience of eating a grilled Dodger Dog with all your favorite toppings… but there are also other adventurous gastronomical offerings. The stadium added the Extreme Loaded Dogs stand to the Loge Level last season (and the Reserve Level this season). Test the limits of your stomach lining with such offerings as the Frito Pie Dog, topped with chili, cheese, and Fritos; or the Big Kid Dog, slathered in mac and cheese and topped with Fritos (we’re guessing you have to like Fritos).

And if you spill anything on your johnnie-o official Dodgers MLB gear you can always get some more right here, Or head on over to the Love Shack in Santa Monica or our new store at THE POINT el segundo for the latest offerings. And remember there is no such thing as an “off season” for a real fan so find YOUR TEAM today!