The best gear gets borrowed

FALLelujah! The air is a crisp and cozy is the name of the game. You should have all received your October catalogs by now, and we couldn't be happier with the the new looks from our Fall line! From sweaters and zips, to the perfect lightweight puffers, we're bringing the fresh to your Fall lineup. 

But if there's one thing we know, with great styles comes great stealing potential...okay "borrowing" potential. But we're not mad. It's flattering, really. Look at our gear like a 2-for-1 because what's good for the guy is good for the gal. Unlike socks, where half a pair will legitimately disappear into a parallel dimension, your missing johnnie-O gear requires minimal investigatorial work. It's not missing, it's been borrowed, and hey, we don't blame your significant other. It's JUST that soft. 

We caught up with our friends, Matt and Julie Ferrer to chat about our Collins Johnnie Collar Polo. Matt said, "It’s the perfect piece to break free from my closet full of 1/4 zips. Casual lightweight layer. Easy to wear. And versatile."  So versatile, in fact, that often times, it's nowhere to be seen until Julie walks in from her to-dos, donning the very Collins Polo that Matt was unable to locate just an hour prior. This Johnny Collar polo is the perfect blend of relaxed West Coast and East Coast classic. Just grab it and go for a look that can go up or down, relative to the occasion calling.