The Best Golf Courses in America

There is nothing quite like looking for a lost golf ball… especially when its in the rough of a course that’s a cut above all the others. John’s played a lot of courses in his life but there might even be some on this list of the greatest tracks in America that not even he has got to test. We sat down with the original johnnie-O to get his take on the best of the best list of golf courses available to play at right now and why.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is such a legendary course that even non-golfers know about its first-class reputation. With impressive views and a stunning California location, it’s the ideal place for a round of golf with your friends. Just be warned, Pebble Beach isn’t for amateurs–with its thick rough and fast greens, it’s meant for skilled players. Plus, at $500 a round, you’ll need to be prepared to fork over the big bucks, too. With nine holes perched immediately above the Pacific Ocean, the views are about as spectacular as they come and every experienced golfer should experience Pebble Beach at least once in their lifetime.

Pacific Dunes

If you’ve ever golfed Pacific Dunes, you know that its design is truly magnificent–holes seem to just pop up out of nowhere!, making it one of the most natural places in the world to take in a round. Pacific Dunes opened in 2001, making it one of the freshest courses on this list. It’s also one of the shortest and least challenging (so says John), making it the perfect novice venue for golfers who haven’t yet perfected their game. They play traditionally so it’s walking only which some say is golf as it was truly meant to be and also means you want to bring your most comfortable shoes along.

Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club is the official host of the annual Masters Tournament, and for a good reason–it’s distinguished, traditional, and has a history that’s as rich as it is long. With current notable members that include Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Roger Goodell, you’ll be among some seriously good company when you golf at Augusta. With unrivaled topography and aesthetics it is about as great as the game gets. At the end of the day, great golf courses are all about the running narrative, and ANGC plays like an epic novel of all things golf.

Pinehurst Resort

Constantly referenced as one of the best courses in the United States good luck finding a problem on this North Carolina golf course. Since the club opened in 1898, Pinehurst has hosted more championships than any other club in the country, and legends ranging from Arnold Palmer to Payne Stewart have walked its fairways throughout the years. With nine distinct courses to choose from, each just minutes apart on foot or via complimentary shuttle, it’s easy to plan your next heavenly golf getaway.

Cypress Point

Another California favorite, Cypress Point is home to one of the most famous golf holes in the world: the 16th hole where golfers have to shoot across the Pacific Ocean. Located in Monterey, where the weather is perfect nearly year-round, Cypress Point is on the smaller side, with 6,536 yards and a single 18-hole course. The course may be small, but it has tons of variety–some holes are dune-type golf, others take you through the woods for mountain-type golf, and the rest of the time is spent down . Plus, you may even come across some grazing deer as you golf Cypress Point, so keep some trail mix in your cart. Kidding! Let them forage as you play on!