The Desert House

The Desert House

Fall '20 catalogs are dropping, and we consider ourselves fortunate to live in a state that, with minimal driving, offers a chance to hit put your feet in the sand, take your board to the surf, land your skis on the slopes, and even take a dance in the desert — the latter of which became the backdrop to our Fall '20 collection. Enter The Desert House. Appropriately named, this architectural oasis sits comfortably on 5 acres in Desert Hot Springs, atop a hill. The Desert House is a dream. This sleek and truly unique home, with its minimalistic design blend seamlessly with the natural and untamed landscape. When we saw it, we knew we had to shoot there.

The Desert House was birthed by the genius of Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol. Known for their brilliance and specialty with mid-century-modern classics, The Desert Home was part of blossoming venture, bringing their expansive designs and breadth of work to a larger, more attainable market in the prefab-modeling arena. Down to the last detail, The Desert House is a work of art. Playing perfectly with rugged the terrain, the clean lines, subdued hues, and minimalism offer a sense of zen in the otherwise wild year (that is 2020). 

The Desert House is the perfect escape. While the home is equipped with all the modern amenities, the clean construction juxtaposed against the rugged terrain and virtual isolation, offer palpable simplicity with an enticing sense of tranquility.

To see and learn more about the architectural mastery that is Marmol Radziner, check out their website >>>> click here