The Ultimate West Coast Prep Lifestyle: johnnie-O + Malibu Beach Inn

With the creation of our brand, johnnie-O, came the origination of “West Coast Prep.” It’s the perfect blend of East Coast classics and the vibe of Southern California. It’s not just our clothes, though, that define it. All of us here at johnnie-O live and breathe this johnnie-O lifestyle, and that includes the friends we keep. Friends like the team at Malibu Beach Inn, a luxury oceanfront hotel located on Carbon Beach in Malibu, Calif. In August 2016, we turned our longstanding friendship into a collaboration to spread the idea of seaside luxury and high-end relaxation, because you can’t get much better than that.


Whether you’re venturing from another country or a nearby city, when you arrive at Malibu Beach Inn, you will now not only be greeted by a world-class beach and impeccable service, you will also be experiencing signature johnnie-O pieces from the time you drive up to when you turn out the lights.


Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a valet sporting a johnnie-O polo, because nothing else would be acceptable. Then as you walk into the grand lobby, you take in the breathtaking panoramic ocean views. You start to take note of the details as you make your way to your room, which sits directly above the exclusive sands of Carbon Beach. Other staff members are looking quite sharp (if we do say so ourselves) also donning coordinating johnnie-O gear, including outerwear, wovens, pullovers and even belts.


After settling into your room, take a nice walk to the beach to feel the sand beneath your feet and spend time reading a recently recommended book on comfortable lounge chairs. Once you’ve gotten your fair share of vitamin D, you find ultimate relaxation at the on-site spa, Veronica Malibu Skin & Body Center, for a tranquil hour.


That evening, you head to your dinner reservations at the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant, where you sit on the oceanfront terrace watching the array of colors in the sunset over the Pacific. You enjoy delicious fare while sipping the oh-so-cleverly crafted signature johnnie-O Light & Sunny cocktail. After dinner, you stop for a chat with Josh at the bar and make your way to your room, where you fall asleep listening to the gentle crash of waves on the shore.


The unforgettable experience is a perfect taste of the johnnie-O lifestyle. In the words of Gregory Day, GM of the Malibu Beach Inn,  “John [O’Donnell] and I have wanted to work together for a long time, and I am so excited that this new project has allowed us to finally achieve that. Malibu Beach Inn and johnnie-O are both lifestyle brands that together I believe epitomize the smart-casual California look.”


Visit Malibu Beach Inn’s promotion page on their website to find limited time offers, including special johnnie-O reservation packages.


And don’t forget, while you’re on your way back home or to catch a flight at Los Angeles International Airport, be sure to take the quick drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to the johnnie-O Love Shack to stock up on your very own West Coast Prep gear…