The Vault: Forward-Looking Throwback Polos

"I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of a traditionalist. Or, maybe I just prefer to be a bit under the radar. Or, maybe I’m just boring. I wear a lot of tan colored pants, light blue shirts, and I drive a Volkswagen. That said, there are times when I like to step outside my comfort zone and be just different enough to be distinctly me. With that, I am proud to introduce three new polo shirts from my personal vault that are sure to give your look a lift, while staying within your fashion “boundaries.” THE GAME CHANGER POLO, THE FRINGE COLLAR POLO, THE VICTOR HIGH-V POLO: each with their own distinctive look. So, dare to be a bit different this year, and always."



Don’t mock our Fringe Collar Polo until you’ve tried it. Is it stepping out of your comfort zone? Perhaps. Will it elicit a comment on the first tee from your pals? Most definitely. Does it give you a sleek new look that is country club friendly with a twist? Uh huh. So go ahead, couple it with everything from jeans to a blue blazer.  It’s game time, and your game is so on!


Simple yet sophisticated. No worries which buttons to button here, because there aren’t any. Our High-V Polo is good to go from the minute you put it on. If ever a polo shirt and a t-shirt decided to mingle, this would be the result. The high sitting V provides just enough room for comfort, and just enough drop for the athlete in you. Contrast color piping on the collar, and banded sleeves subtly take your look to an entirely new level.


I can’t guarantee this shirt will actually change your game, but I can guarantee a look that will take you effortlessly from the office, to the golf course, and right into dinner on the patio. This popover shirt is where class meets performance, with a proprietary woven fabric providing plenty of stretch for that big shoulder turn. THIS is a Game Changer!