V-Day '21: Founder's Faves

Happy Valentine's Day, and may your drives fly as straight and true as cupid's arrows. Oh yeah, DON’T FORGET THE FLOWERS! You’ve been warned. Well, restaurants are slowly starting to open their doors, but regardless of your plans, whether you’re dining in/out this year, we wish you and your sweetheart nothing but love and laughter.

We caught up with our founder, John O’Donnell, who gave us his picks for looking the Valentine’s Day part. The beauty, however, in these radical Reds is that they work beautifully for the holidays, but have the comfort and versatility to take you season to season. Coastal vibes for your closet refresh comin’ at ya…


Alto Button-Down

The look of a linen without all thehassle of taking care of a linen. Done.

Shop it here >>>> https://bit.ly/3jKPtY9

McCabe Hoodie

Can’t go wrong with this on/off, easy access hoodie. The perfect travel piece, and you don’t have to mess up your quiff when taking it off

Shop it here >>>> https://bit.ly/2LRxoeo

Kerman Hat

I love our Kerman hat. The rope, the patch — it feels just like something we would have seen on a 70s tour player

Shop it here >>>> https://bit.ly/3jKFxOi


A box of chocolates is as great as it is classic, but Forrest Gump was right, you never know what you’re gonna get. With that in mind, we’re going to tell you EXACTLY what you should get when trying to satisfy your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day (or the next time you make your way west).

  • Triple Berry Cake from Sweet Lady Jane’s. This cake will blow your mind. It’s the #1 seller on the menu and with good reason. Layered yellow cake filled with more layers of…nope, not frosting, but decadent, silky smooth whipped cream, and berries (because fruit is healthy). The cake is then frosted with more whipped cream, and ornately decorated with buttercream vines, and of course, more fresh fruit. We rest our case.
  • Susie Cakes. Local bakery with premium product. The new locations popping up all over the place are a testament to the confectionary magic you will experience each time you walk through the doors. Offering everything from cupcakes, layered caked, cookies, and pies, there is something on the menu to satisfy the particular tastes of every sweet tooth. Not only are baked goods truly fantastic, but so is the service. Genuinely good people, operating day in and day out with a smile as the prep your sweets. If we HAD to recommend just one item, perhaps the chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting, but honestly, you really can’t miss with Susie Cakes.
  • The Butter Cake from Mastro’s. Not unique to California, but in terms of tasty treats, this one is hard to beat. And guess what….you don’t have to dine in (or at all) to dive into the dessert. Call ‘em up, tell ‘em you want a butter cake to go, and settle into the confectionary wonder in the comfort of your own car, apartment, home, or hotel. As much as we all want Valentine’s Day to run smoothly, chances are, there might be a hiccup — and if you botch the flowers, at least you can come in clutch with the Butter Cake.


Now that you’ve got your sweet treat, it’s time for some sweet sounds. We’ve culled the spotify in search of the proper melodic poetry in our journey down lover’s lane. Enjoy the delicately curated playlist that will transport you to the Valentine’s Days of yesteryear.