Weekend Road Trip

“I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list”

-Susan Sontag


You endless summer starts now. What a wild contrast from last year cooped-up carnivals that was summer 2020. So, inevitably, it's time to set sail (no boat necessary), — suffice a set of wheels, the perfect playlist, a dash of adventure, and of course, the proper gear for all your plans. 

Call us biased...but we think you should consider SoCal! Disneyland is back baby! But if Splash Mountain isn't cuttin' it for your, the pacific ocean is a fine consolation. Sun, sand, and how about a surf lesson or two? The question comes to mind: "when was the last time you did something for the first time?" Santa Monica beach is the perfect place to quite literally get your feet wet...and to be honest, if you're even casually considering, you may want to head to Costco for the tried-and-true Wavestorm. $199, (generally chepar than multi-day rental tbh), and while you may get some looks from the locals, who cares? It works, it's buoyant, and it will have you on your feet in no time. Even the most skilled surfers in the water had a Day 1, so don't be intimidated.

Anyway, while you're on the go (wherever you go), we've got you covered head-to-toe, and as with any trip, packing is the worst part. So, avoid the worry on your weekend getaway, and do it right with our no-panic-packing list: 


Life is goodie in a hoodie, and you honestly can't beat the supreme softness that our Zed hooded tee delivers. The perfect layer to live-in. Beach strolls, bar crawls, backyard BBQs, this is the piece you put on repeat. 

Awesome kicks or an endless summer. White sneakers are a summer staple, so whether you're on the morning coffee run, keeping the kids occupied, or cruisin' the coast, we've got the perfect Sole Mate for your summer mix. 

Sky's out, thighs out. Prep-formance fabric sets these shorts apart. Coast-to-coast or course-to-course, time to get shorty! 

If you're gonna get a workout in, consider a tee that moisture wicks. Our Rhodes tee delivers on comfort, but with the added benefit of performance fabric, keeping you fresh while you kick up the cardio. 


At johnnie-O, we love a good suit (shirt and tie optional). Colorful prints, in quick-drying materials to keep you stylish and primed for a dance on the diving board or a drink on the pool deck. 

You've got your gear, now you just need a place to put it — The Duffle Backpack. Adjustable straps for optimal versatility on your voyage. Carry in hand, or keep it casual on your back. Now grab it, and go!



The perfect playlist for your summer playtime.