What you wear matters on the golf course, and not just because of the mandatory men and women’s dress codes some golf courses enforce. Those who want to focus solely on the sport might dismiss the importance of purchasing the proper golf apparel, but what you wear can affect your performance on the course, both mentally and physically. If you’re searching for golf clothes for men, here’s everything you need to know about functional golf apparel.


Look for Moisture Resistance


Let’s face it--golf is a sweaty sport. Not only is it played outdoors, but it’s played for an extended amount of time. Even the most experienced golfers are sure to break a sweat at some point in the game. Fabrics that breathe, dry rapidly, and wick away excess moisture are key. Moisture resistant clothing will improve how you feel and move throughout the round, and they’ll save you the embarrassment of heading for a bite to eat after your round of golf with large sweat circles under your arms. Our PREP-FORMANCE woven sport shirts are moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and travel-friendly, so you can look and feel your best on any golf course.


Keep Movement in Mind


Modern, functional golf apparel is part performance and part casual wear. You don’t want to purchase something that looks great but restricts your movement, but you also don’t want to purchase attire that’s easy to move in but isn’t up to snuff with the golf course’s dress code. johnnie-O’s line of golf clothes for men will allow you to walk, swing, and bend with ease, and the variety of pockets mean there’s room for scorecards, pencils, and tees. Just make sure to turn your cell phone off and keep it stashed away in your golf bag--you don’t want to be the guy that breaks etiquette rules left and right.


Comfort is Key


You will be on the course for up to five hours (or more!), so you’ll need to wear clothing that’s comfortable. If you try on a new golf shirt that’s itchy or uncomfortable, don’t try to talk yourself into “dealing” with the annoyance--two hours in and you’ll be regretting your decision. When heading to the course, be prepared for sun, rain, and cooler weather. You never realize how important appropriate gear is until you run into bad conditions without it. If there’s a chance the temperature will drop during your round, keep a sweater or light jacket handy. If rain is in the forecast, consider investing in water-repellent clothing. And most importantly, make sure you’re wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will retain its shape.


Appearance is Important


If you feel great on the course, you’ll play better. You dress your best at work because it improves your performance, and the same concept should apply to the golf course. Looking good on the course isn’t only about confidence and performance, though. Golf, after all, is a prestigious sport, where looks can indeed be important. There are certain clubs that demand their members dress well, and looking good on the golf course can open doors. With the right look, you can enter a new circle of friends, who can in turn help improve your game or get you out on the course more often.


Building a Modern Golf Wardrobe


The golf attire you select depends on your style, weather, budget, and your goal for the game. Some want to win over new clients on the course, while others want to improve their swing. Be aware of what you want to achieve on the course, and select golf apparel to match. Before you browse our online shop, here are a few tips on how to buy and build a golf wardrobe that’s both stylish and functional:


  • Wear only one garment in a bright color or a bold pattern
  • Avoid non-traditional patterns that make you look like you’re making fun of the game
  • Purchase moisture-wicking clothing; preferably wrinkle-resistant, too
  • Pair golf pants and shorts with a belt that matches your shoes
  • On cold days, layer sweaters and sweater vests for a truly classic look


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