New year, new you. So, why not try something new? Like surfing, perhaps? If you haven’t been you’ve always wanted to, so what’s your excuse. The water’s too cold? Grab a wetsuit. Scared of sharks? Believe it or not, more people are killed each year by champagne corks than by sharks. Additionally, more people die annually from falling coconuts, cows, and simply tripping at home. So really, you don’t have an excuse NOT to catch a wave in 2019! 


‘How do I get started?’ Well, we’re glad you asked. Obviously, you can sign up for a lesson (lesson links below), and you’ll be up in no time, but another great, more ambitious method is to watch a few instructional YouTube videos and then head over to Costco. Yessiree. Costco offers a signature 8’ Wavestorm which, quite simply, can’t be beaten. And sure, you might hear a few jeers walking around when you’re the “homie on a foamie” or more commonly, a “kook” (surfing newbie), but honestly, who cares? Surf legend, Phil Edwards, put it best: “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” And trust us, you won’t be alone on your foam board. The ‘Costco Surfboard Cult’ is no joke. They are EVERYWHERE. Why? Truth is, the Costco Wavestorm is a formidable machine, especially for those starting out, or for anyone interested in wave count. At 8’, you’re getting the stability you’ll need with the buoyancy to attack even the smallest waves (ankles slappers). The best part? The Costco Wavestorm comes in at a $99 price point. When you consider you’re dropping $30+ on an inflatable raft for a beach day that’ll be popped by day’s end, $99 is a relatively small price to pay for something that will keep you afloat (while having a blast) day in and day out.


In addition to a workout, fun, sport, and the thrill of trying something new, one can’t oversell the peace of paddling out, waiting for your wave, far far AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE. Any excuse to disconnect from electronics is never a bad idea. And even if the surf is flat, paddling out simply to clear your head or watch the sun rise/set will soon quickly become your new favorite hobby. Warren Miller said, "if you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do." And call us biased, but here in California, there's a break for everybody. So, how about it? Are you ready to catch a wave this year?






Wanna see the possibilities of the $99 Costco Wavestorm? Take a look: