Our Response to COVID-19

To all of our valued customers,

Silly for me to remind you that these are crazy times or that you need to wash your hands more often (for a minimum of 20 seconds, no less), but it’s not silly for me to say how much I, and the entire johnnie-O team, appreciate you. This johnnie-O “thing” would literally be nothing without you, and I am well aware of that. It seems strange that we wait for unusual circumstances or times of trouble to actually recognize what we have and what is important………family, friends, health, freedom, and to a much lesser extent, hand sanitizer.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the community around us, as well as all of our employees, however, that does not mean Elvis has officially left the building. We are available for any support that we can lend you in the coming weeks. You can shop johnnie-O online 24/7 and our customer service team is available to help via phone, email, & live chat during our normal business hours. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time and we will do our absolute best to assist.

Be strong,