California Transparency in Supply Chains

Disclosure Last Updated: March 30, 2019

At johnnie-O, INC., we are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner and expect our manufacturing partners to share this same commitment. Accordingly, we established an ethical program in 2018 to prevent abusive, exploitive, or illegal conditions in the workplace and prevent human trafficking and slavery. Our program, includes a Supplier Code of Conduct1, and all agents, vendors and factories are required to participate as a condition of doing business with our company.

Compliance: Suppliers must establish and maintain a process of ensuring compliance with the johnnie-O Supplier Code of Conduct. This includes communicating the requirements of this Code to all employees, affiliates, agents and subcontractors of the Supplier. Supplier must maintain all documentation necessary to demonstrate its compliance with the johnnie-O Supplier Code of Conduct. Upon johnnie-O’s request, Supplier should be prepared to provide johnnie-O or its affiliates access to such documentation.

Certification: To ensure that our suppliers respect and enforce our PROGRAM standards, the commercial agreements governing our contractual relationship often stipulate that our suppliers must abide by our PROGRAM standards, or the contractual relationship is subject to termination. More specifically, we ask our suppliers to agree to provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment; allow workers freedom of association and collective bargaining; conduct business in compliance with applicable environmental, labor, and employment laws; refrain from corrupt practices; and protect against human trafficking and slavery. We also require our suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into our products comply with applicable laws, including those laws that relate to slavery and human trafficking in the country or countries in which they do business.

Accountability: Any failure to comply with this policy is a breach of the Supplier Code of Conduct Policy. johnnie-O will investigate any reported non-conformity made in good faith and discuss findings with the supplier. The supplier shall assist with any such investigation and provide access to any information reasonably requested. If remediation is required, the supplier will be expected to inform johnnie-O and implement a corrective action plan and timeline to effectively and promptly resolve the failure. Where a supplier fails to meet our expectations or take the necessary remedial or preventive steps, they will be subject to enforcement action up to and including termination of the business relationship.

1 Code of Conduct (view pdf)

  Product Safety Position (view pdf)

  Code of Ethics (view pdf)