Our company might be named after our founder, John O’Donnell, but we are far from being just a one man team.


Geoff attended Pepperdine University and was a member of the school’s golf team. As his love of golf grew, so did his interest in the design of golf courses. In 2000, he began co-designing Rustic Canyon Golf Course in Moorpark, CA and has since become a premiere mind in golf course architecture, even teaching golf course restoration at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. John met Geoff about 12 years ago and was immediately impressed by his knowledge on course architecture. Geoff is such a student of the game both on and off the course, and over time he has also become a regular contributor on the Golf Channel, co-host of The Ringer’s StackHouse Podcast, Senior Writer of Golf Week magazine, and an author of 11 books.