Big Questions with johnnie-O

For Father’s Day this year, we asked Jack to come up with some (hard-hitting) questions for his dad, johnnie-O Founder, John O’Donnell. See what Jack wanted to know from his dad below, and to all the dads out there, we appreciate all that you do, every day.

Jack: What did you have for lunch today?

JOD: I had a big roast beef sandwich.

Jack: That sounds really good.

: What age will I be when I get my first phone?

JOD: I don’t know what the going rate is these days with kids and phones. I’m gonna do some homework. 12? 14? 16? You have a few years to go.

: What age do you think I’ll have to be to drive a golf cart?

JOD: If no ones around and it’s flat…
: I need to work on my putting?

Jack: Yeah we gotta work on your speed control. So do I...

: When was your first golf tournament?

JOD: Like nine? I was your age. You’ll be playing in some at school.

: When do you think we’ll go to Hawaii?

JOD: I’d love to take you, maybe in the next couple years. I’ll work on that.

Jack: That sounds fun.

: What do you think we’re gonna do this summer?

JOD: Go back to the midwest, for sure.

Jack: YES!

: What type of car might I get when I start driving?

JOD: When I started driving, we drove Grandma’s station wagon. But times have changed so who knows.

: What’s your most memorable about being a fourth grader?

JOD: That was the first year I played full-pads, tackle football. My friends will hate me saying it but I won Rookie of the Year and it was a great honor to me. Then all my friends got big and husky.

Watch the full interview, HERE.