Blair Wheeler’s Top Picks

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a johnnie-O fan. To put it lightly, if you saw how much gear was in my closet, you would ask the company if they had stalker insurance (if such a thing exists.) So, when they asked me to write a Father’s Day post for them listing my favorite things through a parent’s lens, I said yes—probably too enthusiastically. That said, here’s what I’m working with.

Brennan Long Sleeve Tee in Steel

I’m outside a lot and live in these things. Phantom stains and handprints come out of nowhere when you have kids, so after a full day, they need a wash and because they have a little stretch in them, they hold their shape and never shrink.

Flemming Vintage Surf Shorts

If we’re doing a beach day or the pool, I like bright but not loud. I love these surf shorts because they remind me of all the vintage surf movies I watched as a kid they are quick drying meaning the seat in my car isn’t damp after my kids inevitably cause us to leave the beach at a moment’s notice because someone had a meltdown.

Block Palm Towel

Growing up at the beach, you learn a couple things. One of those things is you need a big, absorbent towel. Some people call them beach towels, but I use this as a blanket in the car in a pinch or pro tip: tossing it in the stroller to dry off slides and swing at a playground after it rained. The pattern also reminds me of Hawaii—not a bad headspace to be in.

Michael Striped Jersey Performance Polo

I’m on a “pack better” kick these days. I want my suitcase to be as light as possible. This polo is so universal, I wear it on the plane, on the golf course and on rare occasions under a sportcoat.

Nassau Cotton Shorts

My father-in-law calls these Bermuda shorts—which I’m now just understanding why they’re called Nassau, very clever johnnie-O—but to me these are just a staple. They go with everything and are really lightweight. One of the designers said they’re garment-dyed but I have no idea what that means. But they’re cool.

And that’s it, Happy Father’s Day and I’m supposed to tell you, from 6/7-6/11, you get a free mini cooler ($58 value) and free two-day shipping, when you spend $250. I’m going to ask for a free one, we’ll see what they say.