The 123rd US Open is coming to Los Angeles. Our founder, John O'Donnell, sat down with Golf Digest to talk about what it means to have a major tournament in johnnie-O's hometown, the connection between golf and Hollywood, and what this moment means for LA locals and golf fans alike. Read more below.

John O’Donnell, founder of lifestyle apparel brand johnnie-O, has plenty of reasons to be excited about the upcoming U.S. Open at The Los Angeles Country Club.

“Because I’ve had the opportunity to spend so much time at LACC, it makes this U.S. Open that much more special to me. I feel like I know every nook and cranny of the golf course. It is a spectacular layout and one that I believe will provide lots of drama, both good and bad. I’m anxious to see how the players attack a few of the holes, including the short, drivable par-4 sixth hole, the reachable par-5 eighth hole, the frisky par-4 12th, and the devilish short par-3 15th. Of course, there really is not a bad hole on this track, so these guys will have to be dialed in for all 18.”

Richly steeped in heritage and tradition, LACC North has hosted the L.A. Open five times, but never our National Championship. With its Hollywood backdrop and neighboring world-class beaches, The LosAngeles Country Club is enveloped by a breezy Southern California Lifestyle that perpetually seems to evoke relaxation, wellness and warm sunshine. Talk about blockbuster appeal.

O’Donnell adds, “I think the television networks are going to have a field day with the amount of visual content readily available to paint the picture. LACC basically sits in the middle of Beverly Hills. The first tee is no more than a few miles from Rodeo Drive. I like to say this Open would be comparable to an Open being played in the middle of Central Park. A course of this caliber located where it is just doesn't happen anywhere else in the entire world.”

The juxtaposition of LACC’s rich tradition and golf in Hollywood Is akin to the juxtapositions johnnie-O emits through its line of East-Coast-meets-West-Coast apparel. While the line offers some of the best technical fabrics and fits for golf, they are paired with a laid back sensibility and include pieces suitable both on and off the golf course.

Beyond the excitement for this historic event being played in O'Donnell an the actual brand’s backyard, it is the excitement the founder feels for people to share in the same good fortune he has experienced. “It's fun knowing the best players in the world will experience the LACC that I know and love; from the locker room I frequent, to the “porch of knowledge” for a beer, to the lush green fairways I’m fortunate enough to walk. I am excited to be intimately familiar with each and every shot they will face. I’m excited knowing how a particular putt will break as there are so many subtleties to the greens with the way the LACC land is pitched. You may think the 11th green runs lightning fast back to front, but players beware. I’ll have a keen perspective of where the trouble is on the golf course and where they don’t want to hit it. Finally, it should be a riveting finish with the last three holes serving up some all-you-can-eat par-4’s and with 18 heading straight for the historic clubhouse in the backdrop.”

He seems to know what he’s talking about. The Open this year is also about the people for O’Donnell. “I love everything about The Los Angeles Country Club. The employees are amazing and the caddy program is off the charts, with some of the absolute finest caddies you will find anywhere in the world. What I’m most excited about is the opportunity to bring my 9-year-old son, Jack, to his first ever U.S. Open. I feel like this will be one of those lifetime memories that he never forgets. I’m sure nor will I.”

This U.S. Open will certainly hit home for O’Donnell.