j-O Women’s Performance Capsule: A Nod to Old-School Athleticwear

With a nod to old-school athleticwear, the highly anticipated performance capsule has been thoughtfully curated to blend functionality with timeless style, featuring a range of pieces designed for active lifestyles. From sport skirts with built-in pockets for a cell phone or golf ball to versatile dresses and sweaters equally perfect for playing or spectating, this collection embodies the laid-back johnnie-O spirit perfect for pickleball, tennis, golf, or lunch at the clubhouse.

"The performance collection is a natural evolution and the next step for our women’s apparel line, which we successfully launched in March," says John Collins, CEO of johnnie-O. "We’ve designed these performance pieces with the active woman in mind, whether she is hitting a tennis ball or pickleball, enjoying a round of golf, or simply looking for comfortable, stylish everyday wear. This collection reflects our dedication to providing women with both modern style and practicality.”

Designed for women by a team of women, with inspiration from years of female customer requests, this capsule marks johnnie-O’s venture into the women’s performance sector and promises more expansive collections in the future. The collection incorporates beloved classic colors such as navy, red, and royal blue, sport skirts with pleating, and a cable-knit sweater, all paying homage to the heritage of athletic apparel and ensuring timeless appeal.

“This collection was designed with a sport and active focus in mind so that each piece fits seamlessly within her everyday wardrobe but performs exceptionally well,” adds Emily Carstens, Product Design and Visual Merchandising Manager at johnnie-O. “For example, with its relaxed fit, the Lottie Pullover allows for full swing motion, making it a great choice for the course or the court. Another favorite is the Eva dress, designed with a stretch rib fabric with contrast collar and trim, and would be a great choice for women attending a golf tournament or styled with sneakers for a sport-inspired lifestyle look.”

The johnnie-O women’s performance collection is available at johnnie-O.com.