Cracking the Dress Code: Thanksgiving Edition

As the leaves begin to fall, the Holidays beckon - bringing with them family gatherings and the challenge of finding the perfect Holiday outfit. In men’s fashion, Thanksgiving is a time for classic, timeless pieces that balance class and rugged comfort. The goal is to look stylish while enjoying as many plates of turkey and mashed potatoes as our pants allow.

Whether you’re heading home to see family or hosting dinner at your house, our guide to Thanksgiving outfit ideas will help you navigate these holiday struggles.

Build Your Thanksgiving Outfit Base

A T-shirt with jeans is the most popular outfit, no matter the occasion. While there is nothing wrong with a good pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt, this combo may not fit the bill if you want to dress to impress. However, it can make for a good base to build from.

Here are a few things to remember when building your shirt-and-jeans outfit base:

  • Go for straight and relaxed fit jeans: Skinny jeans are out. Relaxed, classic straight-cut jeans are the way to go. Our Uno Stretch 5-Pocket Denim Jean or Dos Stretch 5-Pocket Denim Jean would do the trick.
  • Any color works for jeans: Black, blue, and darker colors are ideal for outdoor events. Meanwhile, white jeans, like our Hobie Stretch 5-Pocket Jean, also give off a more polished feel but are better for indoor dinners (stay away from the cranberries).

However, if your Thanksgiving dinner is on the formal side, you’ll want to give your jeans and tee a break.

The Button-Up Shirt and Cardigan Combo

The button-up shirt and cardigan combo is always a safe bet for any occasion, even your Thanksgiving dinner. Pair your favorite dark wash jeans, like our Dos Stretch 5-Pocket Denim Jean, or chinos, check out our Cairo Chino Pant, with a comfortable shirt and layer on a knit cardigan or sweater. If sweaters are not your style, you can also opt for a vest or a jacket, like our Enfield Zip Front Quilted Puffer Vest or Glover Performance Fleece Vest. This look is perfect for a casual Thanksgiving get-together with family and friends.

Denali Hangin’ Out Button Up Shirt

Chapman Hangin’ Out Button Up Shirt

Frank Hangin’ Out Button Up Shirt

McGraw Merino Crewneck Sweater

Hobson Knit Sweater Jacket

Medlin Cotton Blend Crewneck Sweater

Go Rugged with a Plaid Flannel Shacket and Corduroy or Terry Pants

If you spend Thanksgiving in a laid-back mountain town, a rugged style has you covered. Try pairing a plaid flannel shacket with our Cardif Corduroy Pant or our Terry 5-Pocket Pant. Complete the look with a down or suede jacket for added warmth – and style – points.

Mossell Flannel Shacket

Stalone Fleece Shacket

Coggins Stretch Flannel Lodge Shirt

Demarco Stretch Flannel Lodge Shirt

Andre Knit Shacket

Formal With a Sport Coat and Dress Pants

If your Thanksgiving dinner calls for formal attire, opt for a Sport Coat paired with a Button-Up Shirt. Our Cairo Chino Pant or Cross Country Performance Pant will complement the look. Add a touch of sophistication by accessorizing with a pocket square or tie, depending on the level of formality. For extra warmth, layer with a knitted vest, turtleneck, or pullover under your blazer — or wear a peacoat over it.

Kipp Knit Sport Coat

Button-Up Shirts

Sycamore Tucked Button Up Shirt

Ultra-Relaxed with Joggers and a Hoodie

For those who want to embrace the comfortable fall holiday spirit, go for an ultra-relaxed look with joggers and a hoodie or sweater. This outfit is perfect for a laid-back Thanksgiving at home or relaxing with your friends and family after your meal.

Burner Joggers

Altos Performance Jogger

Dali Cotton Hoodie Pullover

Loch Crewneck Sweatshirt

Maxwel Performance T-Shirt Hoodie

Shoes Make the Man

Complete your outfit with comfortable shoes. Whether you opt for lace-up boots or classic sneakers, make sure they are comfortable enough to wear all day long or for any holiday activity.

Almost any shoe style can be a great fit for indoor Thanksgiving dinners — from loafers to polished sneakers — if it fits with the event's formality and matches your outfit. It’s key to strike a balance between comfort and style.

However, if your Thanksgiving festivities extend to outdoor activities like a game of flag football, dress shoes — although elegant — won’t stand a chance. Instead, opt for more durable and comfortable footwear like sneakers or boots.

Chill Chukka Boot 2.0

Laguna Leather Penny Loafer

Range Runner 2.0

Dress To Impress for Thanksgiving

Dressing well for Thanksgiving is about mixing comfort with style and choosing outfits suited to the occasion and activities. Whether your style is casual, rugged, or formal, there are plenty of options to ensure you’re both comfortable and the most fashionable guy at dinner. And remember, the best outfit is one that allows you to enjoy the holiday in style without compromising on comfort.