Your go-to Gift Guide for Personality Types

Choosing the perfect gift for the men in your life can be hard, so we went ahead and put together gift guide for the different personality types of the guys in your life. Whether you’re looking for something special for the classics guy, the ultimate party-goer, golf enthusiasts, frequent flyers, or the little ones, you’ll find a range of fantastic gift ideas here. Let’s dive in!

The Classics Guy

The classics guy embodies timeless style and sophistication. To delight this discerning gentleman, consider classic pieces that never go out of fashion:

  1. The Original Polo: Johnnie-O’s signature polo shirt is a must-have for any classic guy. Crafted with high-quality materials and an elegant design, this polo is perfect for any occasion.
  2. Baron Lightweight Wool Pullover Sweater: Elevate his style with a simple wool sweater. This garment is a classic option that works well in the cooler months because it’s both cozy and stylish.
  3. Vintage Suede Leather Belt: A well-crafted leather belt is a staple in any classic guy’s wardrobe. Choose one made from vintage suede for a touch of class.
  4. Classic watch: A timeless wristwatch can be an excellent addition to his accessories. Look for one with a sleek design that matches his style.
  5. Leather wallet: Upgrade his wallet with a premium leather option. An elegant bi-fold or slim cardholder is always appreciated.
  6. Traditional shaving kit: A high-quality shaving kit with a classic safety razor and brush elevates the grooming experience.

The Party-Goer

The party-goer is always ready for a good time and enjoys gifts that add to their excitement:

  1. Boggs Merino Wool Crewneck Sweater: A crewneck sweater made from luxurious merino wool is perfect for the party-goer’s wardrobe. These can be dressed up or down, depending on the event.
  2. Cardif Corduroy Pant: an ode to the classic cord, made better, and the perfect pair to a j-O sweater
  3. Countdown Blazer: need we say more?
  4. Cocktail shaker set: For those who enjoy mixing up a variety of drinks, a stylish cocktail shaker set can be a great addition to their bar collection.


Golfers are passionate about their sport and appreciate gifts that enhance their game:

  1. Fairway Solid Mesh Performance Polo: Designed for maximum comfort and freedom of movement on the course, this polo shirt is moisture-wicking and UV-protective, making it ideal for long rounds in the sun.
  2. Cross Country Performance Pants: The golf enthusiast will appreciate a pair of performance pants designed with stretch fabric for ease of movement and a refined look that transitions easily from the course to the clubhouse.
  3. Windstop Icon Performance Hat: Keep the sun out of their eyes with a stylish cap. Opt for options with moisture-wicking technology to help them stay cool and focused during their game.
  4. Leroy Vest: The best of both worlds, the Leroy gives you a layer of warmth without the bulk, moving with them both on and off the course.
  5. Golf balls: High-quality golf balls are a golfer’s best friend. Depending on their preference, look for options designed for distance, control, or feel.

Frequent Flyers

For frequent flyers that are constantly on the move, a thoughtful gift should make their travels more convenient and stylish:

  1. Nylon Packable Tote Bag: A high-quality tote bag with ample storage space is perfect for those who frequently jet off to different destinations.
  2. The Course Performance Shirt: This shirt is great for traveling because the fabric wicks away moisture and doesn’t wrinkle. Frequent flyers can maintain a polished look even after long journeys.
  3. Travel organizer set: If you want to give someone a present that will help them out on the go, consider getting them a set of travel organizers to help them keep their luggage in order.
  4. Noise-canceling headphones: A pair of top-notch noise-canceling headphones can make long flights more enjoyable by blocking out ambient noise and providing excellent sound quality.
  5. Power bank: A portable power bank ensures their devices stay charged while on the go, eliminating the stress of finding outlets.

Little Guys

Don’t forget the little guys in your life. Consider the following gift options for the young ones:

  1. The Original Jr. Polo: Just like dad, juniors can sport a classic polo, too. These are perfect for family outings and special occasions.
  2. Dan Jr. Colorblock Crewneck Sweatshirt: For cooler days, a cozy sweatshirt with a touch of style will keep the little guys warm and fashionable.

Final Thoughts

When searching for the perfect gift, whether it’s for the classic aficionado, the life of the party, golf enthusiasts, seasoned travelers, or the youngest members of your family, you’ll find various options to suit their preferences. When it comes to finding the perfect gift, you can rest assured that you’ll discover something special to bring joy to the men in your life at johnnie-O. Happy gifting!